NTU has been awarded an EIB-funded project in Egypt entitled "Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme II (MeHSIP II) initiative, resident and ad - hoc expert support Lot 2 Cairo"

The overall objective of MeHSIP II is to promote adequate and sound water, wastewater and solid waste management in the Southern Mediterranean region and to contribute towards achieving the Horizon 2020 goal of de-polluting the Mediterranean. MeHSIP II will extend the activities to cover water resources management, water supply and waste management activities, also in inland areas not directly connected to the Mediterranean. During the next 3 years NTU will among others carry out the following duties and tasks in the context of the MeHSIP II Programme: - Provide inputs to the development of the MeHSIP II Work Programme and Annual Action Plans - Develop contacts with relevant national authorities in target countries (e.g. Ministries of Environment, International Cooperation and Finance) with a view to identify development policies and priority projects - Develop contacts with other key external parties (e.g. European Commission, international and national financial institutions, local authorities, private companies, other institutions, etc.) - Identify and prioritise projects and associated TA needs which coherently support the MeHSIP II objectives. - With respect to the projects identified, prepare ToRs for feasibility studies, and supervise on-going Technical Assistance (TA) for the preparation and implementation of projects under the guidance and supervision of MeHSIP II team based in Luxemburg. - Identify need for and prepare ToRs/supervise TA for capacity building in the targeted sector - Provide advice on project preparation and implementation matters to relevant promoters and water/solid waste authorities - Identify capacity building activities and organisation/provision of capacity-building seminars and activities at national and regional levels under the guidance and supervision of the MeHSIP II team. - Monitor project implementation as necessary - Prepare Programme reporting to funders and other relevant stakeholders including preparation of progress reports, maintain website etc. - Contribute to the management of a project pipeline with key information about projects, and to its dissemination via a dedicated web-site - Represent the EIB at events, for example regular meetings with public authorities/ European Commission or meetings with IFIs Duration: 3 years Starting date: May 2015