NTU has been awarded an EU-funded project: Mid-Term Evaluation of SOCIEUX: Social Protection European Union Expertise in Development Cooperation

The objective of this project is to assess progress achieved so far in SOCIEUX, identify strengths, weaknesses and constraints encountered, and draw key lessons and recommendations that will inform decisions that need to be taken to improve implementation in order to achieve the expected results within the remainder of the implementation period and for future programming. The specific objectives of the evaluation are to provide the EC with sufficient information to evaluate: How SOCIEUX is currently managed and how its management could be improved. The performance of the project, paying particular attention to the outcomes and results of individual technical assistance interventions against their specified objectives and the extent to which these individual actions have contributed to the government-owned processes for which they were requested, together with capacity-building of the relevant partner government personnel, and to what extent they have fulfilled the expectations of the partner government. The relevance, in terms of consistency with the Communication on SP in EU Development Cooperation, of SOCIEUX in the context of EU support to the extension of inclusive and sustainable social protection in low and middle income countries. The effective deployment of the potential resources and expertise of the European Social Protection community of practice and, likewise, the potential of South-South cooperation. The Implementation will start in March 2015