NTU has been awarded an EU financed project in Kenya: "Formulation of the 11th EDF Justice Sector Project in Kenya (JSP)"

The general objective of this project is to enhance the contribution of the EU in Kenya to the implementation of the rule of law and accountability priorities as defined under MTP II. This formulation mission will deliver a draft project in support of the Justice Sector. Specifically, NTU will: Review the institutional framework to get a clear understanding of the sector; for the latter the Governance, Justice, Law and Order Sector (GJLOS) reference documents and related publications will be of relevance; Collect both quantitative and qualitative information by interviewing all potential implementers, potential beneficiaries key stakeholders, development partners and representatives of the National Authorising Officer; Perform field trips in country to assess the reality of the justice sector outside Nairobi and the feasibility of the proposed activities by the future implementers, including CSOs; Map of the support provided by Government of Kenya and donors (ongoing and in the near future); Based on the data collected, the identification phase findings and the QSG comments, consolidate the overall theme of the project and ensure overall coherence of the interventions propose Prepare a Gender mainstreaming analysis will be needed in order to include this essential requirement in the formulation of the project’s interventions; Draft a Justice Sector Project proposal, comprised of complete TAPs, Action Fiche and annexes;