NTU has been awarded an EDF-funded project: "Support to Public Finance Management Reform Maseru-Kingdom of Lesotho", EuropeAid/135199/D/SER/LS

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to contribute to the implementation of Lesotho's national development agenda as embodied in the Vision 2020, which states that by the year 2020 "Lesotho shall be a stable democracy, a united and prosperous nation at peace with itself and its neighbours. It shall have a healthy and well developed human resource base a strong economy, a well-managed environment and an established technological base". The results to be achieved by NTU that will contribute to the implementation of the overall PFM Reform Action Plan are as follows: Result 1: PFM Reform Action Plan Component 1- The implementation of a modern PFM regulatory framework; Result 2: PFM Reform Action Plan Component 2- Transparency and effectiveness of policy orientation of the budged assured; Result 3: PFM Reform Action Plan Component 8- Governance and institutional management of PFM reforms improved to facilitate ownership, monitoring and evaluation of progress. The project started on 16th of June and the period of implementation of the contract will be 36-months since that date. The Kick-Off meeting will be held in the upcoming weeks. The project budget is 3.755.000 EUR.