NTU as the lead partner is shortlisted for the SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan

EuropeAid/127363/D/SER/Multi project. The primary objectives of the SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan (herein after referred to as the Plan), are to: • Define benchmarks, minimum and ultimate regional requirements and development targets in the area of infrastructure; and • Provide a development framework for infrastructure to meet these requirements and targets. The specific objectives of the project are to establish minimum requirements and targets that would facilitate: • Attainment of economic growth and regional integration in line with the protocols and the RISDP; • Provision of long term minimum infrastructure to support the SADC region; • Provision of adequate and least cost energy on the basis of an integrated energy market involving all SADC Member States on the African mainland, • Free movement of people, cost effective access to producers and markets, adequate universal ICT access for all sections of society, (business, residential and rural communities) and • Provision of adequate infrastructure for water supply, sanitation irrigation and for other productive purposes. The final output of the project will be a Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan that will constitute a road map for the provision of adequate and cost-effective infrastructure in the region to be implemented in the medium to long term.