NTU as the lead of the consortium has been short-listed for the "Technical cooperation program for the Ethiopian RSDP" project in Ethiopia, EuropeAid/134866/D/SER/ET

The overall objectives of the project are as follows: •Contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth; •Eradicate poverty; •Improve sector governance through the implementation of the fourth Road Sector Development Program of Ethiopia (RSDP IV). The purposes of the contract are to: •support the Government of Ethiopia in fighting poverty through the development of an effective road network to improve access to basic services and markets; •support the domestic construction industry with specific focus on the URRAR implementation; •improve the operational capacity of ORF; •strengthen the capacity of NRSC. NTU will provide technical assistance for achieving the following results: •Improved performance of road construction, with a specific focus on URRAP projects in terms of quality, costs and time; •Improved technical expertise of the ORF, allocation of resources and absorption capacity for maintenance by RRAs; •Developing NRSC capacity to collect, manage and analyze data, as well as devise interventions and monitoring their implementation. Contract value: 2 275 000 EUR Duration of the contact: 24 months