NTU as the lead of the consortium has been short-listed for the "Capacity building to the Zambian Road Transport Sector" project in Zambia, EuropeAid/134785/D/SER/ZM

The overall objective of the Second Sector Support Programme (SPSP Road Transport II) in support of Zambia's Road Sector Investment Programme - ROADSIP II, of which this contract will be part, is to contribute to the promotion of equitable economic growth and poverty reduction and the enhancement of food security. The specific objective of the programme is to improve accessibility, mobility and connectivity at district, provincial and national levels, promoting basic access and regional integration for people and goods. NTU will help support the capacity building measures for the transport sector institutions at central and regional level for the management and financing of the trunk, main and district road network by the Road Development Agency (RDA) and the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) and the rural road network (feeder roads) by local authorities (LRA - district / municipal councils). The results expected of the SPSP II programme are: 1. support ROADSIP II in achieving its goal to have a safe and maintainable core road network 2. contribution to an improved institutional capacity of sector agencies and local road authorities (LRAs); and 3. contribution to the promotion of the local construction industry. Contract value: 4 700 000 EUR Number of working days - 4180