NTU as the lead of a consortium has been shortlisted for the EIB project: Expert Support Facility under PF4EE / TA2015005 RO PFE

The Technical assistance aims to contribute to: make energy efficiency lending a more sustainable activity within the selected FI, incentivising therefore private commercial banks to address the energy efficiency sector as a distinct market segment with dedicated lending products, and increase the capacity of the FI to implement and monitor EE lending in line with the PF4EE Instrument. The PF4EE-Expert Support Facility (PF4EE-ESF) component to the instrument is expected to contribute to the improvement of the capacity of FI’s to identify, appraise and implement lending operations for eligible EE investments. The support provided through the PF4EE ESF will be defined individually for each FI but with three clear objectives in mind: ensuring the actual lending to eligible EE investments within the framework of the PF4EE Instrument takes place, developing capacity to make energy efficiency lending sustainable within the concerned FI guaranteeing the correct reporting of the impact of the Eligible EE investments supported by the PF4EE Instrument. Budget: 1 800 000 EUR Duration: 36 months