NTU as the lead of the consortium has been short-listed for the project "Technical Assistance for Capacity Building on Safety and Security Training Requirements of the Turkish Civil Aviation", EuropeAid/135021/D/SER/TR

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows: To ensure maximum safety level and highest standards in civil aviation and air traffic management through fully competent personnel. The purposes of the contract are as follows: · To undertake activities that will help operationalisation of the civil aviation training centre by developing an effective training policy, program, curriculum and other necessary policies and documents focused on safety and security aspects based on the EU Acquis and relevant international legislation in air transport sector · To ensure the visibility of TC through developing a communication campaign towards the stakeholders and general public in Turkey an abroad The results to be achieved under this contract are as follows: (1) The TC shall be fully operationalized by the TAT with the trained trainers (at least 60 trainers) (2) TC shall be the internationally recognized training face of Directorate General of Civil Aviation Turkey. Contract value: EUR 2 500 000 Duration of the contract – 24 months