Framework Agreements for Consulting Services to State and Municipal Governments of Denmark


National Procurement Agency (SKI)

The purpose of the framework agreements is to provide consulting, advisory, planning and engineering services to the central and local government bodies in Denmark for servicing punctual needs defined on case by case basis by the concerned public authorities.  The service specifications and terms of reference for each assignment are defined with the Danish National Procurement Agency SKI (Statens og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice / State and Municipal Governments purchasing service) that forwards it to the selected framework service providers and manages the framework agreements.

The sectors covered by the framework agreements concluded with NTU includes:

Lot: 17.04 Ports and Marine Structure

This includes services related to construction of all types of ports in seas, lakes and rivers and structures in beaches and coast lines, encompassing both the establishment of new facilities and expansion/renovation of already existing facilities, such as:

  • Traffic Ports 
  • Industrial Ports
  • Marinas 
  • Quays 
  • Port terminals
  • Beach Park
  • Bath facilities
  • Dikes 
  • Channels 

Lot 17.06: Infrastructure and Urban Planning

The geographical scope of the contract covers all three relevant: the Capital Region of Denmark and Zealand Region, the Region of Southern Denmark, and Region Central Denmark and Region Northern Denmark, and includes the following services:

  • Infrastructure master planning
  • Regional plans
  • District plans
  • Municipal plans
  • Urban planning
  • Town and centre plans
  • Countryside plans
  • EIA
  • Land use

Lot 17.08: Traffic Planning

This includes services related to preparation of new or revision of existing traffic plans, including

  • Transport demand analyses
  • Traffic analyses
  • Traffic plans
  • Traffic modelling
  • Traffic simulation models
  • Traffic safety and accessibility
  • Traffic and transport terminals