Supporting Investment Programming and Project Implementation in Egypt



The overall objective of the project Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Transport for the Creation of an Investment Unit in Egypt, awarded to NTU (899,500.00 EUR) is to efficiently and pragmatically create and operationalise an Investment Unit within the Egyptian Ministry of Transport (MoT). The project started in October 2019 and will be implemented for 2 years until September 2021. In order to timely and successfully establish the Investment Unit, NTU is providing appropriate technical assistance for the organisation of the Unit’s staffing, the set up of operating procedures, the definition of a medium-term action plan (including the identification of potential projects), and the monitoring of the implementation of pilot projects’ implementation.

The technical assistance requires the successful completion of the following tasks:

  1. The development of organizational information of the Investment Unit (including strategy, structure and job descriptions).
  2. The development of tools for investment programming and project implementation.
  3. The delivery of tailored capacity building activities and trainings.
  4. The development of performance indicators and the MoT’s dashboard to effectively monitor progress.

How we did it

To achieve all the 4 tasks, the completion of several sub-tasks is required. For instance, the development of organizational information on the Investment Unit (task 1) is done through:

  • The establishment of a Technical Committee for the project.
  • The conduct of a capacity assessment with focus on the MoT and its sectoral authorities, as well as a functional review of the allocation of functions within the MoT and across other agencies within the Egyptian government.
  • The definition of the mandate of the Unit.
  • The formulation of the Unit’s vision, mission and strategy.
  • The development of the organizational structure of the Unit.
  • The development of human resources requirements.

The activities carried out to conduct a meticulous functional review and an exhaustive capacity assessment included for example a detailed desktop functional review based on the extensive regulatory framework in Egypt; a review of the functions of units in different parts of the work that have similar objectives to those of the Investment Unit and interviews with key stakeholders.

Roads in Egypt

Railways in Egypt

Airports in Egypt

Ports in Egypt


The  capacity assessment and functional review provided the opportunity to the Ministry of Transport to reflect, discuss and define the current situation: what structures, procedures, arrangements, systems, etc. are already in place at the  Egyptian Ministry of Transport; what are the human resources, tools and financial means available; and what are current views on how to develop a new Investment Unit’s organisational setup to manage investment projects efficiently and effectively.


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