Communicating the European Union in Georgia



The NTU International communication team has successfully acquired the contract to support the European Union Delegation in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the field of Communications and Events.

This project aims to contribute to increase awareness, understanding, and support for the EU and its activities in the country, focusing on local audiences.

How we are doing it

With the objective to develop and deliver a positive and impactful communication approach, to include an overarching communication strategy and campaign activities based around the EU’s support for Georgia; NTU will implement activities such as communication campaigns, media placements and public events, as well as general communication support to EU funded projects.

NTU's inhouse capacities will be supplemented by a strong team of Key and Non-Key experts. This team mainly consists of Georgians, but is also including international expertise who are very experienced and ready to provide high-quality support to the EU Delegation in Tbilisi.

The project is planned to start in June 2022 with a duration of 4 years with more than 5.000 working days. The project budget amounts to 5 MEUR.

The project will strengthen the position of NTU International in Georgia, where we already manage other important long- and short-term assignments.