The EASA Framework Contract



During last 4 years, NTU has been a Leader of the Consortium successfully implementing Framework Contract no. EASA.2016.FC12 FWC Lot 1 Services in Support of EASA International Cooperation Activities LOT 1 ‐ Aviation Consulting and Training Services including Project Management & Logistical Support (2016-2020) with a budget of 20 million EUR.

We count 300+ completed events and 1400+ participants, covering Latin America, Asian, EU Neighbourhood and African countries.

In this project, in addition to technical expertise for the delivery of cooperation activities such as regulatory exchanges or technical training, services included also support to project management tasks, management of Human Resources in all international cooperation projects; and logistical and event management services to facilitate the activities and general implementation of the various projects that the Agency implements around the world.

NTU’s services consisted of:

  • Event management and logistic support
  • Organization of events: seminars, workshops, conferences, aviation forums, etc.
  • Technical Assistance to the aviation sector and national CAAs
  • Capacity building
  • Trainings
  • Technical input



Seminar on Drones operations regulation and safety

On 20th and 22nd of February 2019, the Seminar on Drones operations regulation and safety took place in Lima, Peru. The workshop was organized by the European Aviation Safety Agency, through the project EU-LAC APP, in collaboration with SRVSOP (Spanish initials for Regional Safety Oversight Cooperation System).

The Ambassador of the EU in Peru inaugurated the event, and over 100 delegates from more than 25 countries of the Region Latin America and Caribbean, as well as representatives of regional organizations ICAO-Lima, CASSOS, COCESNA/ACSA, and other aviation industry stakeholders, were in attendance.

Throughout the Seminar, participants were introduced to the European and Latin American experience on the certification and operation of drones, surveillance and integration into the airspace. This will allow different stakeholders in Civil Aviation to share experiences, challenges and solutions. More information is available at

NTU International, as EASA Framework contractor, provided logistical support for the organization of this event as part of a broader participation in the project, where we also provide technical expertise.

EU-LAC APP Project Management Board, May 2019, Buenos Aires

On 7th of May, the 2nd Project Management Board of EASA Project “EU-LAC APP” (European Union-Latin America and Caribbean Aviation Partnership Project), was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Project stakeholders gathered to discuss the development, status and future activities within the Project. The EU Ambassador for Argentina, Ms. Aude Maio-Coliche, inaugurated the event and delivered an interesting speech where she expressed the importance of cooperation between EU and other regions in order to enhance safety, flight connectivity, reduce CO2 emissions, etc. Other stakeholders, including Mr. Carlos Morán - Deputy Minister of Transport of Mexico and Mr. Luc Tytgat, EASA Director of Strategy and Safety Management, were also present at the meeting. NTU supported EASA in the organization of this event providing both technical expertise and logistics assistance.

The EU-LAC APP falls under the Europe 2020 strategy and the European Commission’s Aviation Strategy for Europe and aims to develop and support European and Latin American interests in Civil Aviation by strengthening institutional links, promoting regulatory harmonization, addressing capacity limitations and supporting environmental protection and climate action.  The Project stakeholders are RSOOs such as ACSA, CASSOS, SRVSOP and the following countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

The EU-LAC APP is implemented by EASA and supported by NTU International under the FWC that leads for provision of Consultancy Services and Technical Assistance to the EASA International Cooperation Projects.

Aviation Connectivity Forum, May 2019, Buenos Aires

The I Aviation Connectivity Forum in LATAM, was held on 8th May 2019 in Moron Argentina. The event was organized by the EU-LAC APP (EU-Latin America and Caribbean Aviation Partnership Project) in cooperation with the Government of Argentina, the Civil Aviation Authority of Argentina and the Municipality of Moron. NTU supported EASA in the organization of this high-level event providing both technical expertise and logistical assistance. The old terminal of the Airport of Moron (first Argentinian International Airport) dating from 1948 was used as event venue.

Representatives of Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers, Airport Operators, Finance Institutions, Associations and all main industry actors participated at the event to provide their views and propose solutions to the current challenges that the Latin America and Caribbean Aviation sector presents. Furthermore, the following authorities took part at the event; Ms Aude Maio-Coliche - EU Ambassador towards Argentina, Mr Carlos Morán – Deputy Minister of Transport of Mexico, Mr Luc Tytgat – EASA Director of Strategy and Safety Management, Mr Guillermo Dietrich – Transport Minister of Argentina, among others.

The LATAM region is facing continuous increase in aviation traffic, and at the same time safety is also maintained. When comparing with other regions, it can be observed that aviation has a great potential in Latin America and could be made available to more population given the GDP increase and the growth of the middleclass. Therefore, the challenge is how to increase the traffic combining better flight ticket prices, sustainability and safety.

EU-China APP – part I of the event: GA Experience Training, June-July 2019, Barcelona, Spain

As part of the Framework Contract for provision of technical assistance and consultancy services to EASA and under the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project, NTU International has organised a training on General Aviation Flight Experience in Barcelona, Spain from 14th June to 12th July. This three-week training course had the purpose of familiarising staff of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and affiliated entities with General Aviation in Europe. This included providing actual flight experience and the activity was structured in three parts:

Part 1. General Aviation in Europe: History, philosophy and current regulatory framework

Part 2. General Aviation Theoretical Training: Crash Course on the Theory of flight

Part 3. General Aviation Flight Experience: 10 hours of flight training per person with an approved instructor (FI (A)) on a single engine piston aircraft.

The event was held at the European Aviation School of Barcelona and the practical training took place at Sabadell Airport. Besides technical expertise, NTU also provided complete logistical arrangements, which ensured the wellfare of the trainees and allowed them to experience a little bit of the local culture. We hope the experience was positive for the trainees and look forward to the two upcoming intakes that are planned to be delivered in October and March 2020.

EU-China APP-GA Part II of the event: experience training, October-November 2019, Barcelona, Spain

As part of the Framework Contract for provision of technical assistance and consultancy services to EASA and under the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project, NTU International has organised, following the training on General Aviation Flight Experience, an experience training.

EASA 7th ICF, September 2019, Montenegro

The 7th EASA International Cooperation Forum - ICF7 was recently held in Budva, Montenegro. This event was an exclusive conference for aviation authorities and regional organizations alike who have adopted, or who are interested in, EASA rules and regional approach. The event provided an opportunity for these partners to speak directly with each other on upcoming developments and shared challenges. ICF7 covered a broad spectrum of topics on high-level issues, such as emerging risks and opportunities in aviation, meeting the environmental challenges, pushing the boundaries of ATM and regional cooperation success stories. The event was built upon the experience gained since the first events, which were held back in 2008 and the close cooperation developed between EASA and its partners worldwide.

Around 90 delegates from 42 countries participated in the event, as well as the following agencies and regional organisations: European Commission - DG MOVE, EUROCONTROL, ACSA, Finavia on behalf of ACI Europe, Thales Group, ICAO Europe´s Regional Office, BAGASOO and ASSA-AC. NTU supported EASA with technical expertise and the overall organization of the event, including logistical assistance for mobilizing delegates, arranging accommodation and the venue. Our aviation team can look back at a very successful event. The team will continue to work in close cooperation with EASA, as they look forward to the organization of ICF8 which is planned for Spring 2021.

Organisation of the 2018 EASA-CAAC Aviation Safety Conference in Madrid supported by the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP), Spain, 2018

Within the EASA project, NTU has provided support in event management & promotional activities for the organisation of the high-level event: 2018 EASA-CAAC Aviation Safety Conference in Madrid supported by the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP), Spain, 2018, with a total of 300 participants. NTU Services included:

  • Transport arrangements to welcome location;
  • Arrangements for VIP Welcome cocktail and VIP dinner;
  • Catering and coffee breaks arrangements including welcome cocktail for high-level guests;
  • Meeting venue, technical equipment and photographer arrangements;
  • Transport to site-visits arrangements;
  • Interpretation services arrangements;
  • Scenography, Information Signs, Accreditations, Programmes;
  • Photographer;
  • Light, Lounge Music and Decoration;
  • Transportation from hotel to museum.



Newsletter design for EASA EU-LAC APP Project

Visibility materials - EASA project Aviation Connectivity Forum 8th May 2019, Moron (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Small promotional/visibility materials prepared for the EASA FWC