NTU has started the new 5-year funded EIB TA project - Project management support for Transport Connectivity in Georgia

NTU was awarded the TA for Project management support for Transport Connectivity in Georgia and has already commenced implementation on key services under the project.

The objective of this 5 years Technical Assistance operation is to provide support to the Road Department at Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia for the successful management of:

  • all “EIB Operations”, as agreed in the various Finance Contracts, by reference to their technical descriptions, costs and finance plans;
  • all “EIB Schemes”, those works and services contracts financed by the EIB, both those already contracted and those expected to be contracted, that are or are expected to become “eligible expenditures”.

The EIB’s operations (all EIB financed projects) in Georgia have an estimated total project cost of approximately EUR 2 billion, which is targeting strategic development of the country transport network.

Part of the infrastructure investment is targeting the extended Trans European Transport Network (TENT-T) that has been updated in February 2019 for the first time towards six eastern countries, including Georgia. The investments will ensure the development of the key transit route between Western Europe and Central Asia for transportation of goods and increase of trade between the regions. The extended TEN-T route is the shortest route between Europe, Caucasus and Central Asian countries through the Black Sea ports. It is an alternative to the north corridor running through the Russian Federation and Belarus and the southern corridor running through Turkey. This puts a particular onus on improving logistics and transport services within Georgia, but also cross border, along the extended TEN-T.

The support NTU team will provide to the Road Department’ Project Implementation Unit will ensure that all EIB financed projects will be implemented following the relevant EIB standards and policies as defined in the respective loan agreement with Georgia.

The NTU’s TA will also provide support to substantially enhance safety on Georgia’s global connectivity to Europe and local mobility through targeted interventions on the extended TEN-T network in Georgia, strengthening Georgia’s vital transport and trade links and economic growth.