Pakistan launches Road Safety Strategy

Minister launched Road Safety Strategy 

Minister of State for Communication, Murad Saeed, launched Pakistan’s first National Road Safety Strategy (2018-2030) last week with the aim of saving 6000 lives that would otherwise have been lost in road accidents. This Strategy, and the series of road safety action plans that will be implemented up until 2030, will address roads, vehicles and road users, particularly those who are vulnerable such as motorcyclists and pedestrians. With estimates suggesting there are at least 25,000 fatalities on Pakistan’s roads every month and that 39% of all reported incidents include fatalities, the Strategy is a much-needed step towards a better road sector for Pakistan. As well as saving lives, and providing a reliable, safe, and efficient transport sector, the Strategy will also help the whole economy.

A committed Government

At the launch, the Minister ensured that the Government is aware of the road safety challenges and is fully committed to the implementation of the National Road Safety Strategy, 2018-2030.

The Strategy is implemented by the NTU International led Road Safety Technical Assistance Project and supported by a grant from the UK’s Department for International Development, administered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). During the implementation, progress will be monitored regularly to ensure that the set targets are achieved, and that UN’s 2030 targets are also met within the given timeframe. 
A media campaign, which will focus on increasing road safety knowledge and accident prevention by motivating the population to adopt positive attitudes and behavior towards road safety, is set to be launched later this year.

NTU’s team was also present when the Road Safety Campaign website was launched earlier this year,.


Read the press release about the Road Safety Strategy launch here: