NTU supports EASA with the organization of Drone Seminar

NTU supports EASA with the logistical organization of a Drone Workshop

From 20th to 22nd February, the Seminar on Drones operations regulation and safety took place in Lima, Peru. The workshop was organized by the European Aviation Safety Agency, through the project EU-LAC APP, in collaboration with SRVSOP (Spanish initials for Regional Safety Oversight Cooperation System).

The Ambassador of the EU in Peru inaugurated the event, and over 100 delegates from more than 25 countries of the Region Latin America and Caribbean, as well as representatives of regional organizations ICAO-Lima, CASSOS, COCESNA/ACSA, and other aviation industry stakeholders, were in attendance. 

Throughout the Seminar, participants were introduced to the European and Latin American experience on the certification and operation of drones, surveillance and integration into the airspaceThis will allow different stakeholders in Civil Aviation to share experiences, challenges and solutionsMore information is available at www.eu-lac-app.org

NTU International, as EASA Framework contractor, provided logistical support for the organization of this event as part of a broader participation in the project, where we also provide technical expertise.