NTU shortlisted for EuropeAid TA project in Albania

NTU has been shortlisted for an EC funded project “Technical Assistance for monitoring, communication and visibility of Sector reform contract "IPA 2016 Support to Transport with Focus on Roads"” in Albania.

The overall objective of the Sector Reform Contract (SRC) for monitoring is to contribute to an efficient transport system, integrated in the region and in the EU network, which promotes economic development and the citizens’ quality of life by focusing on the road transport.

The purpose of this project is the assessment of the implementation of the performance of the Sector Budget Support Programme “IPA 2016 Support to Transport with Focus on Roads” thus preparing and implementing jointly with the EU Delegation and Albanian stakeholders the visibility and communication of this plan.

NTU is expected to monitor and assess the progress of the Government of Albania in the implementation of the National Transport Strategy and the related Action Plan (NTS) 2016. The goal of the adopted National Transport Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2020 is to (i) further develop Albania’s national transport system, and in addition (ii) significantly improve its sustainability, interconnectivity, interoperability and integration with the international and European wider transport system and region. IPA 2016 Programme for Albania is expected to contribute to the implementation of Transport Strategy and our team has to assist the Implementation of the Sector Budget Support Programme: IPA 2016 Support to Transport with Focus on Roads and work on the planning and execution of a strategy for visibility and communication regarding the implementation of the NTS and SCR IPA 2016.

The intended start date is July 2017 and the period of implementation of the contract will be 42 months from this date.