New shortlist for the EIB, in Timor Leste

NTU International A/S has been shortlisted for the EIB "Project Preparation & Implementation Programme” in Timor Leste.


The objective of the Project Preparation and Implementation Programme is to contribute to the improvement of the financial, economic, social and environmental infrastructure in Timor-Leste in support of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP).
The PPI Programme will provide 
(I) proposals from project sponsors for investments in Timor-Leste’s financial, economic, social and environmental infrastructure and 
(II) the associated services to project sponsors in the public and private sectors, as well as to other relevant government stakeholders. 
Relevant lessons learnt and knowledge sharing will be provided for the benefit of other Pacific Island Countries (PICs).
Specific results will include pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies and financial affordability analysis, detailed designs, budget and financing plans, tender documents, supervision of work and other technical assistance studies and services, for investment projects in the eligible infrastructure sectors.


Specific results will also include dedicated activities for the transfer of knowledge and expertise in project development, project management, financing, operation and maintenance techniques to public and/or private sector project sponsors and other government counterparts (including where appropriate local authorities, municipalities, etc.). 


Duration: 4 years