New framework contract kicks off a great year

First EIB Framework Agreement of 2019

We are less than one month into the new year, and NTU has already signed a framework agreement for Consultancy Services for EIB Complaints Mechanism.

The EIB Complaints Mechanism (EIB-CM) was established in 2008 as the EIB Group’s public accountability tool to handle complaints from external stakeholders in relation to EIB Group activities. To ensure that EIB-CM keeps utilizing its in-house resources the most suitable way, a framework agreement has been set up to allow EIB-CM to call on experienced external consultants, when the need arises. NTU’s team will be implementing this framework agreement over the next 2 years with a possibility to renew for another 2-year period.

Providing our expert advisory services 

Besides assisting in various project appraisal and implementation tasks within the sectors of;
Energy, Manufacturing and Industry, Infrastructure and Transport, Water and Waste Management, Health and Education, Natural Resources and Agroindustry and ICT and e-Economy, NTU will also provide advisory services for the implementation of the following tasks;

  • Assessment of relevant environmental regulatory frameworks, standards and related issues (e.g. EIA, SEA, nature protection, environmental permitting, air, water, waste, climate change);
  • Assessment of relevant social regulatory frameworks, standards and related issues (human rights, stakeholder engagement, involuntary resettlement, vulnerable groups, labor standards, cultural heritage, occupational and public health, safety and security).

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