The Seminar on Transport Sector hosted by NTU project Technical Assistance to the Transport Sector Montenegro

PODGORICA, 28 January, 2011 – The latest in a series of seminars on transport sector issues has been held, involving EU and Montenegrin specialists. Participants discussed procurement practices within the EU and issues regarding works, supply and service contracts, which will play an essential part in the modernisation of Montenegro’s transport system. The seminars are being hosted by the EU-funded project "Technical Assistance to the Transport Sector", implemented for Montenegro by a consortium led by NTU of Denmark in cooperation with SweRoad and LFV of Sweden. As its main objective the project aims to enhance economic growth in Montenegro through the improved efficiency and effectiveness of its road, rail and civil aviation facilities, as well as facilitating trade exchange with neighbouring countries. This objective will be achieved primarily by strengthening the administration capacity of the country, so that Montenegro can smoothly implement the necessary changes on its journey to EU integration and national modernisation. The seminar was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the Railway and Transport Directorates, Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro and the Civil Aviation Agency. EU specialists were on hand to prepare those concerned in the transport sector to implement projects effectively using best EU practice. It was led by NTU Procurement Expert working in cooperation with Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro. An earlier session, held in December last year, had "Cost-Benefit Analysis" as its topic, and a further seminar on procurement following international guidelines is planned for February. Earlier seminars in the series included one dedicated to EU organisation for railway safety, and another on EU best practice in the railway sector. The project is ongoing for the next several months and should result in a lasting benefit to the transport sector in Montenegro and, as a result, to the national economy. Please see more at: