NTU wins the EU funded project TRACECAMAR

NTU leads the consortium which will be implementing this challenging project for the next 36 months with Kiev as its operational base. The overall objective of the project is to support the ratification and implementation of international maritime safety and security conventions as well as strengthening the maritime administrations in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea countries to make shipping safer, more secure and environment friendly. We will promote the further alignment of the maritime safety and security legislation of the beneficiary countries with the relevant EU legislation and contribute to ensure that shipping remains sustainable and its environmental impact is limited even though maritime transport is expected to increase. The main results that NTU is going to achieve are the following: · Improved level and coordination of maritime administrations · Improvement of the performance of the beneficiary countries on the Paris Memorandum Black and Grey lists · Reduced maritime pollution caused by ships · Better information available regarding vessel movements and increased sharing of data between neighbouring countries · Better secured ship and port facilities and enforcement of related measures. The overall budget of the project is 3 000 000 EUR For further details, please contact NTU’s Project Manager Morten Møller at mmo@ntu.eu.