NTU wins Lot 10 Trade, Standards and Private Sector

The contract is concluded for a period of 2 years until 2011 with possibility of extension for an additional two years. Lot 10 services have a yearly budget of €24 mio. Multiple Framework contract EuropeAid/127054/C/SER/Multi. Sub-sectors of the Lot 10: A. Trade Trade policy development and reform Support to trade negotiations Regional economic integration Trade facilitation, customs reform Technical Barriers to Trade Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards Intellectual property Trade in Services Competition policy Trade and environment Trade defence instruments, dispute settlement, transparency and government procurement Trade promotion Market analysis and development B. Private sector Private sector development policy and reform Privatisation and industrial policy, including Public-Private Partnership Sector policies SMEs policy development Regulatory reform for improving the business environment Investment promotion (domestic and foreign) Small and Medium enterprises (SME) support Commercial banking Financial sector regulation Corporate governance issues Supporting professional/commercial/advisory bodies NTU is searching for the applicants, who should have at least 10 years of relevant experience, including three years experience as a consultant also who has been working on the EU funded projects. If you are interested please send your CV to the following e-mail: lot10@ntu.eu Please see more information under Framework Contracts on our website.