NTU wins Europeaid Technical Assistance to Guyana

FINAL EVALUATION - REGIONAL WEATHER RADAR WARNING SYSTEM IN CARIBBEAN REGION (Guyana, Togo-Trinidad, Belize) The study comprises the final evaluation of the Financing Agreement REG/7623 between CARIFORUM and EC for the Regional Weather Radar Warning System programme, This EU funded project was developed to reduce the vulnerability of the Caribbean region in relation to adverse weather effects (primarily floods and hurricanes) contributing therefore to economic and social development of the region The objectives of the final evaluation include: Global Objective The overall objective of the evaluation is to assess performance and results so as to generate knowledge of the Radar programme experience within the context of availability and use of resources, the dynamics of the environment, the engagement of beneficiary and partner institutions and the policy environment. Specific objectives Assess the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Project Management Review the Relevance and Effectiveness of Project Activities and Outcomes Assess Progress with Partnerships Assess the Impact of Resource Availability Assess the Effectiveness of Implementation Arrangements. Draw lessons learnt and make recommendations concerning the overall sustainability of the project.