NTU wins EuropeAid project Promote the entrepreneurial capacities of women to strengthen their economic independence in Costa Rica

The objective of the formulation mission is to formulate and design together with the Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres (INAMU) and other relevant actors an EC intervention to contribute to increasing the economic independence of women with entrepreneurial potential in the context of national policies (EuropeAid /127054/C/SER/multi). NTU will perform the following tasks: • Analyse how the proposed project is embedded into public policies and assess potential synergies or duplications with other programs to promote entrepreneurial activity and women. Analyse the consistency of the proposed action with MSME policy and the government's expenditure plans, its complimentarity with other national actions and highlight other donor activities in this field. • Analyse the problem and its causes and highlight alternative options to confront the situation. Together with the first point this should lead to a reasoned-opinion about the added-value of the proposed EC-intervention. • Identify key stakeholders and target groups, including the gender aspects and the analysis of economically especially vulnerable groups. Analyse the institutional capacity of the main stakeholders and the degree of local ownership. Particular attention should be put on the exact definition of the target groups. • Formulate and design the project to be financed: Logical framework, costs and financial contributions of the different parties involved, work plan and time table, main assumptions and risk factors and feasibility. • Identify and design in close cooperation with INAMU, particularly with its Área de Políticas Públicas, a monitoring mechanism to follow-up/asses progress including baseline data and definition of control groups. • Conduct a Financial and Economic Analysis that should help to decide whether to fund the project. • Propose detailed implementation arrangements including organizational structure and human resources requirements oriented on the Technical and Administrative Provisions.