NTU wins EU funded project in Mauritania Study on the impact of the land transport sector reform

The overall objective of this study is to give decision makers a clear picture of the impact of the reform of land transport sub-sector in Mauritania. The objective of the reform was to help sustaining the decline in the price of transport (for the benefit of the consumer), while participating in sanitation sector and improving the quality of service. The study will decide how these objectives have been achieved. The aim throughout this study is to have an overview of the current situation of this sector, which will allow the assessment of achievements of reform and the adequacy of current policies. Will be identified the positive effects of the reform, which must be consolidated; and the negative effects with accompanying measures. The study will identify recommendations to be implemented by the MET. Specifically, NTU will develop the followings: ยท The scope and limitations of the implementation of the liberalization policy in the field of land transport Description of guidelines and revitalization of the policy of liberalization of the land transport subsector.