NTU is short-listed for the EuropeAid project EUROMED Logistic Platforms Network Feasibility Studies - Maghreb countries

The technical assistance operation builds on an initial study on the development of a logistic platforms network in the Mediterranean Partner countries (MPCs). The study provided a diagnosis of the logistic needs of the MPCs concerning in particular the development of logistic platforms, based on the analysis of the existing situation and the related investment programmes in each country. The purpose of this technical assistance operation is to undertake feasibility studies for a maximum of four specific platforms identified under the above study, considered as pilot projects: — Tunisia: Logistic platform in Jbel el Oust located at about 25 km west of the port of Goulette - Tunis. — Morocco: Logistic platforms in Casablanca in the area between Aïn Sebaa and Mohammedia (to be confirmed). Each feasibility study will result in: — The preliminary design and a master plan for the development of the logistic platform. — The baseline Environmental Impact Assessment. — The economic and financial assessment of the proposed solution. — The definition of the institutional and legal framework, as well as the recommended options for the implementation of the logistic platform. The feasibility studies will determine whether the four logistic platforms could be eligible for possible EIB financing, if the projects are found to be economically, financially and technically feasible.