NTU has won the International Logistical Centres for Western NIS and the Caucasus project in cooperation with Dornier Consulting.

The overall objective of the project is to support international trade and facilitate the movement of goods along the TRACECA corridor through improving logistics capabilities, interoperability and multimodal transport. The project will target the identification of relevant opportunities for the development of logistic activities, drafting feasibility studies, specifications and preliminary design of potential international logistic centres with internationally acceptable standards to be implemented on TRACECA corridor in the five beneficiary countries. The project is separated into three phases: A. Logistics Network and Infrastructure Analysis B. Identification, Ranking and Promotion of Projects C. Feasibility Studies for the Selected Projects. The results of this project should consist in the development of relevant conditions and studies for a network of reference logistics centres in the region and new added-value activities in the distribution sector of each of the respective countries. It should strengthen logistic activities in TRACECA countries in order to answer the future demand of shippers and to support the development of traffic flows along the corridor. NTU will provide a set of feasibility or pre-feasibility studies for selected logistics centres to be developed on the TRACECA corridor, with a focus on private public partnerships and efficient custom services. The studies will include needs assessment and surveys of the current logistical capabilities, the preliminary design for different categories of required services, equipments and investments, business and organisation plans, financial and economic analyses in order to promote realistic and sustainable projects for further investment. NTU has for many years been working with developing the integrated Logistics Centre concept in EU, TRACECA countries and the Balkan area. Through this work a wide range of experiences have been gathered – resulting in a Best Practice Knowledge Base developed in cooperation with central Logistics Centres associations. NTU through our 20 years of experience in planning and developing logistics centres - identified vital characteristics for a Logistics Centre, such as co-modality, openness, multi-functionality, ICT accessibility, inter-sectionality and cost sharing. It is also crucial that the management of a Logistics Centre is separated from transport, logistics, and other service operations.