Framework Contract Commission (COM 2011) - Lot 1: Studies and Technical assistance in all sectors (2011-2016)

Worldwide - EU Aid Beneficiary Countries

European Commission/DG Development and Cooperation

The purpose of the framework contract was to mobilize expertise on short notice for provision of technical assistance in any stage of the project cycle for projects and programmes in any country in the world, receiving external aid from the European Commission (Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Central Asia - New Independent States, Latin America, Asia, Mediterranean countries, Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific).

The sectors covered by the framework contract included:

  • Social development/Employment/Eradication of poverty;
  • Education;
  • Health;
  • Civil society;
  • Human rights;
  • Governance/state reform/security;
  • Migration;
  • Trade/Development of the Private Sector;
  • Food security;
  • Rural development;
  • Environment/climate/natural resources/energy;
  • Development policies.

The services required fell within the following areas of expertise: programme and project identification and preparation / formulation; programme  and project implementation; preparation of Terms of Reference (services) and technical annexes (works, supplies) and evaluation of offers (Procurement); monitoring and evaluations (ex-ante, interim, ex-post etc.); as well as a number of horizontal aspects such as: (cross-) sectoral policies and reforms, feasibility and pre-feasibility studies, macroeconomics studies and appraisals, public financial management, legislation, regulations and law enforcement, approximation of legislation, preparation of project documentation, institutional building, capacity building, training and research, awareness-raising, (incl. information and communication).